Somaliland President Receives high level US Congressional staff delegation


HARGEISA– The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi yesterday welcomed a US Congressional staff delegation at his office in Hargeisa.

The President tweeted that he was: ” honored to receive the US Congressional Staff delegation at his office in the presidential palace.”

He said: ” The republic of Somaliland is committed to working with democratic nations such as the US. We profoundly discussed Somaliland-US bilateral ties, stability, development, vibrant democracies and elections.”

The US delegation extended gratitude to the president and the public for the cordial reception they were accorded with them, and further underscored the extent to which SL has achieved its democracy.

The US delegation promised to hand over a full report on Somaliland’s case for statehood to the US Congress back home.

The delegation is done to hold discussions with SL government officials, civil societies, education, health and other members of the public.

The visit of high level US Congressional staff delegation is seen as a major shift of US dual track policy and is now committed to further deepen its cooperation with SL.


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