Somaliland President Holds Talks with EU Delegation


A high level delegation from the European Union (EU), led by EU envoy to Somalia, Hon. Nicolas Berlanga Martinez and accompanied by Swedish envoy to Somalia, Staffan Tillander, have on Sunday called on Somaliland president, Musa Bihi Abdi at the presidency. The president from Somaliland and EU high powered delegation held discussions centering on ways to cement working cooperation between Somaliland and the EU. They also discussed ways to push for issues that are impacting the Horn of Africa via joint collaboration. The president and the EU delegation talked about speeding up the preparations of the holding the upcoming parliament and local council polls in Somaliland. The EU provides a huge contribution to Somaliland democracy as it earmarks funds for conducting free and polls in the state. The EU delegation expressed its readiness to continue that support. There is a row between the government and the two main political parties namely UCID and Wadani which disagreed over the selection of members appointed by Somaliland president. The EU delegation brokered the previous settlement which ended the protracted dispute and paved the way for the parties and the government to bury their difference over upcoming national election commission. The EU delegation will hold face to face meeting with the two opposition parties to gauge their stance on upcoming NEC. The EU is mediating the two sides to reach a lasting settlement so that the country gears up for the polls.


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