Somaliland: President Bihi & delegation arrive back from Djibouti



A number of supporters with Somaliland flag occupied the main street that links Hargeisa airport to the presidential palace to welcome President Bihi’s return from Djibouti where he met with Somalia counterpart to open talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

The president said that this was the second high level consultative meeting with the highest delegates to attend the talks between Somaliland and Somalia besides the London Conference.

National songs were blown from young people’s vehicles. It was last night when the technical committee from both sides hammered a historic deal in Djibouti.

Although the major issues including aid investment, airspace and Somaliland case were delayed for the upcoming talks.

The last time Somaliland and Somalia leaders had direct talks was 2014 in Djibouti since the current leaders of Somalia and Somaliland came to power, ties between the two sides strained.

Somaliland & Somalia merged in 1960 but that unity did not last long after Somaliland decided to separate from Somalia in 1991.


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