Somaliland: Police seize truck abducted by armed assailants


HARGEISA– Assailants have carjacked a truck from Hargeisa which was bound to Burao on Wednesday evening.

The truck belonged to Omar local company (Oominco) and have abducted from New Hargeisa village. Omar spokesman has confirmed the abduction but police which launched man hunt operation have managed to seize the the truck after police and assailants have exchanged fire where reports confirm that there were no casualties reported. Police have clashed with the five armed assailants in Banderwanaag which is 10 km south of Hargeisa and who the police commissioner has said that they have recognized the ringleader who also carried out similar abduction between Berbera and Hargeisa.

The assailants have tried to repulse the police who chased but they could not resist and escaped from the scene leaving behind Noha vehicle with gunshots in the windshield and phones.

Finally, Police have managed to confiscate the truck full of loads and the Noha vehicle which the assailants have abandoned. The Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal Iman said that the ringleader of the assailants has been recognized with the name of Nasir Hasan Ismail. The police launched an immediate investigation into the assailants who have conducted the abduction.




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