Somaliland: Police Launch Operation aimed at combating violent crimes which are on the rise


By: Farrah Mohumed Yusuf

Staff Writer

HARGEISA– Deputy Police Commissioner, Hon. Abdirahman Liban Ahmed (Fooxle) and flanked by Police Spokesman, Hon. Faisal Hiis Elmi held a joint press conference at police headquarters by announcing yesterday that police launched man hunt operation aimed at cracking down all sorts of thefts, youth robbery and motor vehicle thefts. In the first place, Hon. Fooxle said that operation is underway aimed at hieghting security. He further asserted that at least 100 Toyota Vitz taxis were caught in the operation which were used for theft. Hon. Fooxle, Somaliland’s deputy police commissioner that some of the nabbed taxis do not have plate number while other do not have vehicle registration certificates. Mr. Fooxle went on to say that those who commit larceny use those cabs in order to escape from police. The police conducted the thorough operation to bring the security situation under control by combating all forms of crimes in the city.

The operation is to combat theft which is on the rise, all forms of drugs and those who are addicted to them. Police said that youths who are accused of mugging are in police custody awaiting to be brought before a court of law. Head of Traffic Police who is also the police spokesman revealed that more than 300 youths are behind bars who are caught in violence and their vehicles. He announced that 164 appeared before a court of law while 70 were convicted and the rest awaiting their court verdicts while they are behind bars. He said that the Toyota Vitz cabs are the ones that most of the youth use during robbery and 30 youth who were caught red handed are in police detention.



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