“Somaliland parliamentary members don’t feel shame. They have to resign”!!


Somaliland parliamentary members (PMs.) are quick to vote certain laws which they get some benefits. We are all aware of many agendas of which they have passed according to their interest. Strangely to say that there are many agendas which they don’t like to discuss ,debate and pass .Many of our community believe that most of our PMS are educated who update their knowledge from day to day , but it became clear that they are the least educated persons of Somaliland.!! The responsibilities of Somaliland parliamentary include–participating in debates, voting for legislation issues, examine and discuss new laws. Last year, I have written a hot artice about their interest. The article’s name was- “Would the parliamentary members of Somaliland pass the gay marriage?!!(Please check on Google and read it).Many readers of this article may realize what I had predicted has come on show. The issues of laws our PMs passed last week are as follows;
1-The age of puberty—18 years. 2- The family affairs on bed and others. Puberty varies among individuals but in girls it is between the ages of 9-14 years, while in boys it occurs later between 12-16 years. They (MPS) say in a married couple the wife should give signals of acceptance otherwise is an abuse!! Our PMS have shocked me and I understand that they are dangerously ignorant. How can we rely on such MPS who may have never re-read and reviewed the laws against Islamic teaching?
The president of Somaliland H.E Mouse Bihi had thought they (MPS) were honest in passing such issues, but after words cancelled their illegal laws. Thanks also to the minister of religious affairs and our religious scholars and the Somaliland community who were very alert and condemned their hidden .agandas.It is all clear that our MPS are being manipulated by some certain International agencies who like to ruin our dignity and our Islamic constitution .Our PMS should feel shame and resign.

By Dr .Abdi.E. Obseyeh ,G/Awdal.


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