Somaliland parliament delegation arrives in Lasanod to end inter clan fighting



Lasanod–A delegation from Somaliland Upper House of Parliament (Guurti) reached Lasanod, Sool’s provincial capital. The mission behind the visit embarked by members of the house of elders is to bring an end to the recurring skirmishes in Dhumay between two brethren clans that have clashes in the region and at least 60 people lost their lives.

The House of elders have dispatched thirteen members of the house to the region to oversee the peace making initiative.   Hon. Hasan Omar, a member of the house of elders said that they have come to Lasanod to put their gallant efforts to bring peace between the two warring clans that confronted in Dhumay settlement. The committee from the parliament have sent peace message to the clans and called for the immediate halting of all ethnic clashes that transpired between the two brotherly clans. It was recent when delegations led by the interior minister and flanked by the house of national assembly speaker ended peacefully the inter clan fighting that claimed the lives of 60 people.


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