Somaliland: Opposition leaders Accept to hold meeting with President Bihi



The Opposition leader Faisal Ali Warabe will be meeting with Somaliland president, Justice & Welfare Party said on Tuesday.  UCID leader will be flanked by Wadani party leader, Abdirahman Irro during the upcoming meeting with President Bihi. The President requested the meeting with the opposition leaders in the first place but they had turned down as the two sides had a fallout. The announcement did not specify when the meeting is going to take place. The talks will concern on holding discussions on the implementation of the brokered agreement by the mediation council. The Justice & Welfare Party leader, Faisal Ali Warabe, spoke on behalf of the opposition groups made the announcement. He apologized the public of the squabble and said that they should work for progress and seeking recognition. He deplored the wrangle and said that we should have worked for our youth who are languishing in Mogadishu and exploited by Somalia’s Federal Gov’t to send them so that they should dress with Somali flag in Somaliland.



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