Somaliland: MPs walk out of Parliament Session



Parliament members elected from Sool, Sanaag, Salal, Buhodle and Awdal constituencies walked out of Parliament today in protest over the motion of the recent agreement reached by Somaliland’s three national political parties.

Before the parliamentarians have left the session, the MP’s have said that the accord signed by the parties has nothing to do with them unless the parliamentary election quota system is settled once and for all.

The Mp’s were irked after they claimed that the three parties have ended months of parliamentary election dispute which was settled once they inked the historic deal of letting the country to gear up holding the parliament polls after the incumbent MP’s have been in office for over 14 years since their election.

The issues the were in dispute were the members of electoral commission, the parliament quota system which is linked to seat allocations, women representatives, the voter registration and national census.

A spokesman for the parliamentarians that have left the parliament session stated that the gov has failed to conduct a census which will settle the row over the seat allocations for each and every province in Somaliland.

The ministry of interior is accused of obstructing the launching of voter registration in Sanaag and Sool provinces in Somaliland which is its sole responsibility.

The parliamentarians have also allegedly said that the home affairs ministry has failed to bring the identification cards to the eastern regions in the state which is a problematic to the locals, as quoted from the MP’s.

The spokesman has said that the locals in the eastern regions are demanding to have their fair representation in the parliament.

They said that since we are representing the east and west remote regions that we have no fair say in the political parties as we don’t have a political party.



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