Somaliland Marks 59th Independence anniversary from British Protectorate



A ceremony marking the 59th anniversary when Somaliland got its independence from the British protectorate on 26th June, 1960, was held at the presidential mansion in Hargeisa.

Somaliland President, the Vice president, the speakers of bicameral legislative bodies, the chairman at the supreme court, the leaders of the three political parties in Somaliland, the deputy former presidents, Turkish, Ethiopia and Djibouti representatives to Hargeisa, parliamentarians and invited guests attended the well organized ceremony held in the commemoration of the independence anniversary.

The Elders speaker, Mr. Suleiman has commended the president on his steward leadership in leading the tiny un recognized state in the right track.

Mr. Suleiman has urged Sanaag provincial locals to observe stability and peaceful co-existence.

The Somaliland leader, Musa Bihi, speaking at the ceremony has sent his sincere condolences over the aborted coup victims that took place in the neighboring country of Ethiopia. Mr. Bihi has personally condoled to the Ethiopian PM and its people over the coup victims. He said that his gov is grieving over the assassinated leaders and senior army officials.

The Head of State also spoke of the conditions that Saudi Arabi placed on SL livestock export which he said that the Saudi decision is unacceptable.

The Saudi Arabia recently said that Somalia must issue the medical certification of all livestock that are being exported to the KSA during the Hajj.

The Head of State of Somaliland has called on livestock traders to abide by the unanimous decision to halt the export.

The Somalian president, Farmajo while speaking at a ceremony marking the 59th independence anniversary in Mogadishu has called on the immediate resumption of the stalled dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland.

He urged as Somaliland led the unification process in the 1960’s that they should also be in the leading position to unite Somalia and Somaliland into the greater unity of Somalia.

The Somalian PM, Hasan Ali Khaire also echoed similar remarks but acknowledged that Somalia government led by Said Bare committed genocide against Somaliland communities.


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