Somaliland: Local Government Distributes land to IDP’s in Burao



BURAO–Burao Local Government on Monday has resettled more than 11000 of Internally Displaced Persons with a provision of land that they will relocate.

The IDP”s lived in Fadh-Fadhisay camp that is located in the outskirts of Burao, Togder’s provincial capital.
The Municipality has begun relocating the first batch of 1000 families to the land that has been distributed.
Most of the IDP’s lost their livestock in the recent drought that hit Somaliland in 2017.
The relocated families have been living in the camp for the past 3 years.
The relocation ceremony saw the attendance of Burao mayor, Mohamed Yusuf Murad , the director of the National Displacement and Refugee Agency (NDRA) and the local councilors.
The municipality using with the its transportation has moved the IDP’s to the newly distributed lands.
Mr. Murad, speaking at the function ha stressed that the local government has been working on the resettlement and relocation of the IDP’s  for the past two months.
On the other hand, councilor, Mubarik Yusuf Elmi alias Bidhi has told that the objective behind the moving the families from the camp is that the revamp of Burao airport is about to commence sooner rather than later.
He announced that the airport will resume its operations.
The council has sent a plea to local agencies that the IDP’s need to have access to education, police station, accessing clean water and healthcare as well. He urged the organizations to build the IDP’s for them.
He promised that the local government will do all its efforts to play it role in providing the basic services to impoverished families.


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