Somaliland leader is hopeful that Ethiopia will resolve the unrest in Jigjiga by peaceful means


HARGEISA–Somaliland leader, Musa Bihi Abdi has on Sunday lauded the ongoing political reforms spearheaded by Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed and also talked about the political unrest that engulfed the Somali regional state in Ethiopia. The president made the remarks in a speech that he delivered at Amoud graduation ceremony. Mr. Bihi has hailed the reforms made by Abiy Ahmed which is based on peaceful coexistence, boosting cooperation, that all countries in the region must live in peace and harmony and that the hostilities must come to an end.

President Bihi has believed that doctrine and has congratulated on the new reforms Somaliland leader has not hesitated to mention that the implementation of political reforms may encounter constraints as the road is not clear. He stressed that Ethiopia will overcome the difficulties it may encounter and will end in a peaceful manner.

The president has retaliated that Somaliland is desirous to live in peace and harmony with all its neighbors and hopes that all political instability that marred the regional Somali state in Ethiopia will be resolved by peaceful means. The president has sent a clear message to all Somaliland across the nation that they must protect the well being of Ethiopian nationals living in the country. He urged that all Ethiopian citizens must feel that they are safe and sound in Somaliland.




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