Somaliland: Kulmiye & UCID political parties reach historic agreement on election dispute


The ruling Kulmiye party and its Justice and Welfare party counterpart met in Hargeisa on Tuesday. The two major political parties have announced that they have reached a final resolution ending months of election standoff.   The long marathon talks for the three political parties have collapsed without any agreement reached over the point of contentions. The ruling Kulmiye party and Justice & Welfare party have unanimously agreed the following points after having made considerations on the historic decision reached by the house of elders on 21st Jan. 2019 and having seen that holding free and fair parliamentary and local council polls are important for the cycle of democracy in Somaliland.

They have reached the following points:-

  1. Local council and parliamentary elections will be held on the 13th of December, 2019 as early fixed for that date.
  2. The current election commission should go ahead with the voter registration and the preparations of the local council and parliamentary polls.
  3. The two parties have reached a common understanding to choose the upcoming 7 member election commission on the 1st of August, 2019. 
  4. They also agree the formation of an independent monitory task forces which will oversee the preparations of the polls.
  5. They also called upon the current NEC to issue election timetable as soon as possible.
  6. They urged the house of parliament to facilitate the election laws which have already being tabled at the house.
  7. The decision has left out the main opposition party dubbed Wadani which the other two parties have accused of being an obstacle to preparation of the polls. Wadani party did not change its stance demanding that the current election commission be changed or increased their number. They suspended cooperation with NEC after the presidential polls in 2017 which was badly defeated. The tow parties that have reached the accord have called upon the international donor countries to release funds earmarked for the polls.


  1. Ahahaha, “historic”, for sure. Faisal is in Kulmiye’s pocket at least since 2016 if not longer. Opposition he stopped being years ago.; everything he does, he does in agreements with his Kulmiye owners. After all, the money for his new luxurious 300.000 dollar houe in Hargeisa has to come from somewhere…


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