Somaliland job creation conference starts in Buroa


A well-organized event on employment creation akin to a similar one held in 2020, was opened by the government yesterday 30th July in the city of Burao.

Ministers, parliamentarians, academics, university students, and job seekers attended the event.

The job-related fair is a platform where people who need employment and its creation can meet.

“Companies provide employment, and it’s one of the innovations of the government to create a job for the youth, therefore, I encourage the youth to take advantage of it”, stated Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, Minister of Interior.

“As a ministry, because of the importance of Togdeer region to the country, therefore, we have decided to hold the employment summit here, this year; so that the youth of the region can benefit from it”, were the words of Hon. Mustapha M. Ali Minister of Employment, Social and Family Affairs.

The event provides a platform where employers and employees or job seekers exchange market information, hence create a avenue for networking between them, will be on for a couple of days, 30 and 31 July 2022.

Ministry of Employment officials pointed out the benefits of the fair, including finding information about existing job opportunities, creating job and internship opportunities, and promoting the rationale of young people to develop skills and creativity.

During the event, the officials of the Ministry of Labor said that the teenage job-seekers received employment and job training, career and professional counseling, and complete job information.



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