Somaliland Issues a red alert as fierce Luban Cyclone to hit coastal provinces


Somaliland has issued a red alert on Saturday as Cyclone Luban is to hit coastal provinces in the country particularly Sahil shores.

The minister in charge of agricultural development made the announcement that the cyclone will hit the province within the coming 24 hours. The minister, Hon. Ahmed Mumin Seed flanked by the director in charge of forecasting to the ministry, Hon. Abdikani held a press conference at the ministry compound by declaring that the cyclone started to hit northern parts of the Indian Ocean. It is predicted that it will have far reaching impact on certain Asian countries including Oman, Yemen. The forecasting has revealed that the storm is to hit parts of Sanaag and Sahil regions in Somaliland.

The minister has asserted that the cyclone will make the landfall while it will be accompanied by raid and mild winds. It will destroy fragile building in coastal regions in Somaliland. It is reported that the region will experience wind travelling with speed between 30 to 40 Knots. It is estimated that it will cause a destruction of 10 percent in contrast with other parts that the cyclone is likely to hit. The ministry of agriculture particularly the department of weather forecasting has issued a stern warning that inhabitants living in coastal provinces in Sahil and Sanaag regions must remain vigilant and on high alert due to the landfall of Luban cyclone. The minister has state that it will cause human casualties and the destruction of buildings as far as Luban Cyclone landfall is concerned in Somaliland.


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