Somaliland: Independent Reporters have opposed against the formation of Ethical Committee



HARGEISA–The independent practicing journalists in Somaliland have opposed against the creation of ethical commission which was jointly established by SOLJA in conjunction with the information ministry. The reporters have argued that independent journalists have been excluded from the committee and further added that those included in the committee cannot remain neutral. They said that most of the members were drawn from those in favor of Somaliland journalists association and the ministry of information. They claimed that the committee cannot point out if a journalist has committed a grave error since they have lost neutrality and are siding with the government. They have expressed their loud and clear voice against the newly established ethical committees. The independent reporters have called upon SOLJA to play its role and further added that it must stand by the journalists. They argued that having excluded from the committee that they cannot work with them. Most of the members are said to be selected from the ministry of information.



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