Somaliland: Gov’t agrees to amend the Rape Law which sparked outcry


The government has decided to review the sexual assault law which has sparked an outcry both from the legislation, the religious leader and the public. This was announced by the minister in charge of religious affairs, Hon. Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed. The minister made the remarks and revealed that since rape has become a widespread norm in the public then the legislators have decided to formulate a law that would criminalize the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The law was first composed by the national house of assembly and later it was submitted to the house of elders which made certain amendments. The religious affairs minister has asserted that after having grievances were raised on the rape law that the president has given the go ahead to review the law.

The Lower House of parliament members have argued that clauses against the Islamic religion were included in the Rape Law. The minister has put the issue to rest by saying that the law will be reviewed so that all terms that are staunchly against the religion will be excluded as far as the rape law is concerned. He urged that those who have cried foul over the Rape law should have taken the right way to express their concerns. Finally, the Rape law will be reviewed once again so that it will be excluded from all terms that are against our religion.



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