Somaliland government officially received the first unit of Dulmidiid rebel group



ERIGAVO–The handover ceremony was attended by the governor of Sanaag region, the mediation committee and senior officers of the national army.

The mediation committee handed over the infantry soldiers along with their armored vehicles.

Sultan Abdirahman Abdilahi Awgood praised the rebel group and the president for opting to end the issue peacefully.

He urged the military to receive the members of the group in their ranks with open arms.

The spokesman of the disbanded rebel group said that they have now wholeheartedly joined with SL army.

He pledged that the ex-rebels will defend Somaliland borders and serve its citizens with integrity and zeal.

|“Today is a big day. We are officially joining SL army. We are prepared to stand with the republic of Somaliland with all our might. We are prepared to serve and live beside our people peacefully.”|

The Mayor of Erigavo, Sanaag’s administration capital saw the occasion as an opportunity to dispel the security argument for the lack of development in the region.

Mayor Ismail Haji Nur called upon the gov’t to undertake development projects in the region now that security concerns resolved.

|“Today the ball is in the gov’t court. We used to hear that our road was closed and divert funds for development projects from you. We have closed the port and halted development projects that ends today from our side. If it happens again it is the government’s fault. Now we are waiting the development projects promised to us from the gov’t as we resolve this issue. The first one should be the road linking Taba’a to the main port.”|

Colonel Said Jama Arre, the leader of the disbanded rebel group, dubbed Dulmidiid ended his insurgency.

The disgruntled leader handed over weaponry and soldiers to the mediation committee.


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