Somaliland Gov Lifts Reporting Ban on Horyaal24 & Eryal



Hoyraal 24 & Eryal television stations will be able to report freely from Somaliland after the government of Somaliland has on Sunday  announced that it has lifted the restrictions.

The two privately-owned television stations were suspended by the gov barely two weeks ago after they were accused of threatening national security, instigation to violence, reporting news from armed forces and undermine the unity of the populace. Somaliland administration head by president Bihi cannot tolerate the media houses that are critical to his gov and the only option that his gov resort to is to shut down. The Somaliland information, Mr. Mohamed Muse Derie has announced the ban being lifted from the two television stations. The minister and the owners of two television stations have signed an agreement which saw the lifting of the ban. The info minister has made the remarks in a press conference. Media associations both locally and internationally have urged the Somaliland administration to respect the freedom of speech and lift the suspension of the two media houses.



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