Somaliland FM meets with Canadian Members of the Parliament


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr. Issa Kayd and with a leading delegation on a working visit to Canada met with members of Parliament.

The Foreign Minister’s entourage who reached Canada last week, along with the Republic of Somaliland envoy to Canada, Ms. Lul Ahmed Osman discussed number mutual interest topics with members of the Canada Parliament.

A message posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official Twitter account read as follows;

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland, Hon. Issa Kayd, met with members of the Canadian Parliament and discussed a number of issues of mutual interest.

The visit comes after Minster Dr Essa entourage concluded on working visits to the United States and the United Kingdom, where they met with parliamentarians and politicians from countries and discussed Somaliland cooperation between those nations.

They also met Somaliland communities on US and UK and urged to join hands furthering Somaliland case.

On the other hand, Rep of Somaliland extends congratulating message to the people and President of the world’s newest republic- Barbados.

In a statement on 1st Dec, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued was stated The Somaliland government stands ready to support this proud commonwealth nation on all matters of mutual interest and global interest.

Barbados becomes a republic ending 400 years of the British royal family as head of state, the island known by some as “Little England”.
Barbados announced the intention to remove the Queen as head of state in September 2020 and Dame Sandra Mason, who was once the Queen’s representative in Barbados, was sworn in the first President in the early hours of 1st Dec morning.


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