Somaliland: Finance Minister presents Budget to Parliament



Hargeisa– Finance minister, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire yesterday presented the annual national budget before the parliament.

The 2019 annual budget is earmarked for the construction of new prisons, the increment of salaries of judiciary department, money allocated to the civil servant and the army during Eid occasions, and the increment of monthly wages of ministers and director generals.

The finance ministry has also given priority to quality control equipment pertaining to food and medicine, the installation of an instrument that will link telecommunication firms in Somaliland.

Building new hospitals and giving priority to water resources in Somaliland is part of the national annual budget.

35 percent of the budget goes to the ministry of finance, presidency, foreign affairs, and the parliament.

It is said that 36 % is allocated to the national security issues as most of it is budget goes to the maintaining law and order in Somaliland,

5 percent goes to the health sector while 9 percent is earmarked for improving the quality of education in Somaliland.



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