Somaliland: Bold Decisions & Inspirational Speeches


On behalf of the Adalian community in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, we wish to send our utmost gratitude and congratulations to the politicians in reaching a historical decision and for taking care of our people. Two days ago, two Adalian politicians held a press conference in the capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa. For the last three weeks many people from Somaliland, mainly from the Northern regions, worried about the confrontations between two of our politicians, and the goals they wanted to put to action. Luckily the Vice President, Abdirahman Ismail, reached a decision after a long discussion with Somaliland politicians. This is a noble decision; he has helped us tremendously by establishing a sense of unity and solidarity for his community from the Northern Regions.

Also, the ministry of commerce and industry thanked Mr. Mohmoud Sajin for his great speech and his decisions. The acceptance speech was excellent, and the decisions were noble. We strongly hope that working together decisively and in the spirit of solidarity and unity in the northern Regions will be effective. As Somaliland’s people, we believe you have a lot of tasks ahead of you, if you work hard and with honesty, Allah will help you, because you are going in the right direction.

As we know, statistically 60% of our people are under the poverty line, therefore, we need to help them in order to reduce poverty amongst the Somaliland people. As leaders, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You have created new hope and improved many fields to open jobs for our youth. Together, we can build our regions and country of Somaliland, we already have enough natural resources. I hope both politicians build unity amongst our people. Now, our goal should be to unify which is valuable for excellence. Mutual collaboration between individuals makes it possible to overcome the most terrible disasters.

We must encourage an attitude of solidarity in the youth since solidarity can be seen as the basis of many other human values. In order for this to become a reality, it’s necessary to establish a consensus about fundamental values, work to extend the principles of peace and stability in Northern regions.

In conclusion, our honorable vice president Abdirahman, and Mohamoud our minister of commerce and industry made historical decisions and both are ready to build our community and Somaliland. Many people are watching your actions including Adalina and the whole Somaliland. You made a great decision that our community and Somaliland people could respect your decision. Finally, Overall, we are giving congratulations to the H.E vice president Abdirahman “Saylici” and Mr. Sajin who both had speeches there that were inspiring for the Somaliland people and us. They quoted great words from our patriotic former president H.E Dahir Riyale. We believe all of you are winners because you only look at the community and the country’s interests. Therefore, take your part to build our community and the Somaliland country.

Thank you,

Ali Hori, M.Ed.,

San Diego, California.


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