Somaliland accuses Somalia of supporting rebel groups aimed at destabilizing its territory


The Somaliland government has accused Somalia of supporting armed groups which is orchestrating actions aimed at destabilizing the oasis of peace. SL minster of interior, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, speaking at press briefing following completing days official visit to Kenya told at Egal airport that the Somali Federal Gov’t has created an armed rebel group that is established for the only one purpose which is to cause unrest and instability in Somaliland. The militant group is led by renegade Col. Aare who has defected from Somaliland national army and is given a base by Puntland which borders Somaliland. The rebel group conducted attacks in the eastern remote provinces in Somaliland but Somaliland’s defense forces have been mobilized in the aftermath of the assaults by the rebels. While in Nairobi,the Somaliland delegates met with Somalia’s opposition Wadajir party leader, Mr. Abdirahman Abdishakur.

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The local media asked the interior minister that when gov’t delegation meets with Somalia leaders, it is okay but once opposition party officials meet with Somalia leaders, they are accused of committing a national treason. Somaliland UCID chair, Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe said that your enemy’s enemy is your friend. He added that once opposition party from Somaliland meet with Somalia leaders, they do so in a covert way. The high powered delegates consisting of ruling Kulmiye and UCID top brass wrapped up week long official visit to Kenya where they held discussions with Kenya’s parliamentary leaders and the former PM and current opposition leader, Hon. Raila Odinga. The officials also met with senior EU and US officials discussing wide range of issues ranging from addressing the constraints hindering the progress towards holding free and fair local council and parliament polls where the three political parties have locked horns.




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