Somaliland 18th May Day celebrations in the UK


The Somaliland diaspora in the United Kingdom stole the show of the limelight in the celebrations o the 32nd anniversary of the re-asserting of the country’s independence and sovereignty known as the 18th as May Day.
The commemoration events saw participations held in over a dozen cities across the UK. Of all celebrations held abroad, the UK Somalilander fraternities were the most scintillating and jaunty of all witnessed in over forty countries and held in 62 cities in all the continents.
The various events organized by the UK Embassy in collaboration with the Somaliland Alliance in the UK were widely attended by hundreds of people from the Somaliland community living in the UK and a delegation sent by the Somaliland government to participate.
Elaborate events marking the 18 May event organized by the embassy were held in the Houses of Commons, Trafalgar Square in central London, as well as in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Bolton, Sheffield and in Cardiff.
Speakers and eminent personalities who graced the various events called for the concerted efforts of togetherness in joining hands to work towards the development, security and for prosperity of their country and to achieve the recognition that their nation is demanding from the world.
Government officials such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Isse Keyd Mohamud, the Chairman of the UCID Party Eng Faisal Ali Warabe, the Somaliland-Somalia Talks Envoy Edna Adan, some notable members of the British Parliament, the government delegation sent to the UK etc had all in unison praised the organizational prowess made by the UK Ambassador Abdi Abdillahi and the staff of the office and the Somaliland Alliance for their efforts in coordinating all the events successfully.


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