Somalia: Farmajo held a consultative meeting with reconciliation commission with Somaliland



The President of Somali Federal Govt yesterday convened with the National Reconciliation Commission and in charge of the negotiation between Somaliland and the SFG, a statement from Villa Somalia said.

The President pointed out the Commissions commitment and work to the brief period of its work demonstrates the commitment of SFG to push forward its national plan for engaging talks with Somaliland, the statement from Somalia added.
The President had reminded the commission that they should come up with fruitful resolution to the reconciliation process.
The president also stated that they must lead a national plan to address the concerns of Somaliland brothers in order to realize of mutual consultation.
The members shared with the President Farmajo of the opportunities for future reconciliation between Somaliland and Somalia.
Somaliland rejected the commission and any talks with Farmajo’s regime.


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