Rape Law Sparks controversy among the bicameral legislation in Somaliland


By: Farrah Mohumed Yusuf

Junior Reporter & Staff Writer

HARGEISA– The Upper House of Somaliland parliament have defied the rape bill that the Lower house of Parliament approved.

The MP’s in the Upper house argue that having the bill amended that it has been included a clause that is staunchly against the Islamic region and Somaliland traditions as well. The Upper house has the overall power to protect the religion, culture and peace and further said that the Rape Law passed by the Lower House of Parliament was based on the culture exported from Europe. Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Ilka Ase said that the constitution of Somaliland is based on protecting the religion and having the MP’s have debated on the bill but having it submitted to the Lower house, it has been reviewed.

He protested that the Upper house has the right to be resubmitted in order to have a look at it but the Lower House passed the bill with the changes. The MP spoke as if Rights lobbyists have pressurized to include certain clauses in the Bill before approval. He argued that the Upper house brought experts to come up a bill that was in line with the Islamic religion.

The Rape law  has sparked controversy between the bicameral legislation in Somaliland. Another MP from the Upper House of parliament said that the bill has been added to clauses that are against the Islamic religion. They have sent an appeal to the Head of State that the bill approved by the House of National Asesembly to be resubmitted to the Upper house for amendment. Women Lobbyists are fighting for the passing of the bill and have hailed once the Rape Law was passed with overwhelming majority.



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