Quality Control inspect Burao Pharmacies to validate medical supplies


Somaliland Quality Control Commission has started a campaign to reign in on unscrupulous chemists selling poor quality medicines or expired products. The initiative was led by Togdher region Quality Control branch.

Speaking to reporters during the exercise, Somaliland Quality Control coordinator for Togdher region Mr. Abdifatah Ahmed Hure confirmed that they were checking all pharmaceutical suppliers’ stores and local pharmacies to ascertain the quality of medicines sold to consumers in the town.

The Togdher Quality Control experts made impromptu visits to several drugs stores to check the medicines sold to patients.

The Togdheer region Quality Control coordinator had this to say “As you can see we are busy inspecting medicines and medical supplies stored in different distribution points to ascertain their origin and quality at the same time.”

He went on to state that their main intention is to remove all poor quality medicines on shelves of local chemists.

Somaliland Quality Control Commission (SQCC) is the premier organization responsible for the standardization, Measurement and conformity assessment services.

This exercise to ensure the quality of medicines around the country follows a public outcry about unscrupulous chemists selling poor quality medicines to unsuspecting members of the public.

Recently, a local television MM held a debate about the state of pharmaceutical suppliers and stores in the country. During the public debate, a mother brought her young daughter who was blinded by medicine she bought in a local drug store.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir


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