Puntland Parliamentarian Endorses Somaliland participation of Madobe’s Inauguration



For the first time since Somaliland’s rebirth in 1991, Somaliland will be sending a delegation  to Kismayo in order to attend the inauguration of Jubaland state president, Ahmed Islam for his second term. The chair of Justice & Welfare party-UCID, Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe recently announced that a delegation consisting of six members will be going to Kismayo so that they will attend the swearing in ceremony of Jubaland state leader.
A parliamentarian from Puntland Federal member state of Somalia, Mr. has endorsed Somaliland govt to send a delegation to Jubaland.
He said that Somaliland decision will promote Somalia’s federal system and that Somaliland will be seen as part and parcel of Somalia despite its call for secession.
Former presidential candidate for UCID party, Mr, Jamal Ali Hussein, has snubbed Somaliland plans which will see the dispatching of six member delegation to Jubaland.
” It will be a naive policy to see the attendance of delegation from Somaliland in opposing policies put in place by Somalia’s Federal Govt” , said Mr. Jamal in an official statement.
Whether to send a high level delegation to Jubaland or not is solely the decision of the govt of Somaliland which has not so far issued a statement clarifying a lot of issues that have caused reservations among Somaliland populace.
SL former minister of finance, Hon. Mohamed Hashi Elmi has also rejected the decision to send Somaliland delegation off to Kismayo to participate the inauguration of Jubaland leader.
Secretary in charge for foreign affairs of Wadani party, Ms. Fatumo Said has opposed the idea of dispatching a delegation to Kismayo. Part of the arguments based their feelings that it was totally unacceptable to see the detention of SL citizens that travel to Mogadishu whilst delegations are going to Federal member state ceremony. Member from Somaliland House of Representatives by the name of Mr. Nasir Ali Shire is among the members who are expected to attend the ceremony while he will be accompanied by two members from the House of Elders from Somaliland.


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