Puntland leader receives Ethiopian General Consul



The president of Puntland, Hon. Said Abdilahi Deni has on Tuesday received at Puntland Villa the Ethiopian General Consul to Garowe, Gen Mabratu Waldo Aragay. Staffers at the Ethiopian General Consulate in Garowe also attended the meeting between the General Consul and the president. Gen Mabratu Waldo Aragay has expressed thanks to Puntland leader for his warm reception and hospitality that he accorded to him. The new Ethiopian General Consul has promised to boost the ties between Ethiopia and Puntland. Gen Mabratu Waldo Aragay, the new Ethiopian General Consul has replaced his predecessor, Mr. Asmalaash who has been in the office for 13 years. The newly inaugurated Puntland leader, Mr. Deni has thanked the courtesy call of Mr. Mabratu at the Puntland presidential palace.



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