Puntland Authority Seeks to Have Parliament Speaker Replaced



Puntland authority is preparing to table a motion in parliament involving the replacement of current parliament speaker.

The First Deputy speaker of the parliament has said that he has received a motion against the speaker-Abdikarim Mohamed Ahmed alias Dhobo.

The First Deputy Speaker, Mr. Abdiasis has cited that 44 members of Puntland parliament have signed the motion of no confidence against the house speaker.

He stated that he is facing a number of allegations. First of all, the parliament speaker is accused of violating the constitution of Puntland.

He is also facing accusations that he was quoted as saying that Puntland was built by three clans which the parliament says is a total breach to the laws of Puntland.

Members of the Parliament have submitted a formal motion to the First Deputy speaker accusing the speaker of deploying armed militia soldiers in the parliament building.

Fighting broke out between security guards in the parliament complex and police force.

Three people died whilst one civilian and five other civilian casualties are reported in the confrontations.

The Police Commissioner went to the parliament building to intervene the stand off whereby newly security guards were deployed by the parliament speaker.

The PC exchanged war of words with the security guards and afterwards skirmishes erupted in the parliamentary premise.

Puntland Police Commissioner has accused the speaker of deploying armed militia fighters in the parliament compound and opened fire to police officers.

The parliament speaker of Puntland remains tight-lipped over the skirmishes that transpired in the building.

Awil Hassan Daad, a member of parliament in Puntland grilled Said Deni, Puntland leader recently in a alimentary session.

The parliament rejected calls to lift impunity from the MP and the parliament passed it with overwhelming majority to be dropped the case.



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