Police should increase Kenya-Somalia border patrols to enhance security

Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers patrol Tabda village, 80 km from the Kenya-Somalia border, February 20, 2012. Kenyan troops rolled tanks and troops across its arid frontier into lawless Somalia, in another campaign to stamp out a rag-tag militia of Islamist rebels that has stoked terror throughout the region with threats of strikes. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya (SOMALIA - Tags: MILITARY POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)


Kenya is facing a major security threat following the abduction of two Cuban doctors in Mandera by people suspected to be al Shabaab militants.

This has broken the silence of Kenyans who have risen quickly to question the state of the national security. This has also come as a highlight to the security forces that something needs to be done.

The border security should be enhanced by adding more trained units for patrol. Furthermore, police officers securing the Kenya-Somalia border need reorientation. Deploying adequate resources for the border police units will also fix the existing gaps and address the challenges they face. The government needs to carefully put in place strategies of handling such cases, including communication to the public.

The information provided to the public should be accurate but also well managed not to cause tension among Kenyans living at or near the border.

The government has always assured us that our borders are safe and that is the trust citizens put in the security agencies. Ensuring security will allow people to continue with their regular activities without the fear of attacks, and create confidence among investors and tourists visiting these areas.

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