Organizations lobbied for the most controversial legislation in Somaliland


HARGEISA– The most controversial legislation in Somaliland was the Sexual Assault law.

Revelations have revealed that two organizations based in Somaliland have made much to push for the approval of the Rape law which sparked an outcry across the country.

What the irony is that the public did not have much information in regard to the law which was on the pipe line.

An investigation conducted by a scholar who requested anonymity have confirmed that Baahi Kaab, a Non-Governmental Organization has done its best to push the law forward.

The local organization has gone to the dogs after it has been confirmed that it has given kick backs and bribed members of Somaliland’s House of National Assembly to rally their votes behind the Sexual Assault Law.

The organizations have targeted to most powerful and very outspoken MP’s in the House.

Baahi Koob became a familiar organization within the House of National Assembly in Somaliland.

MP’s who were against the passing of the Rape law was approved while they were on performing Hajj.

According to preliminary reports indicate that two honorable Members of Somaliland parliament namely, Hon. Ibrahim Jama Rayte and Hon. Hasan Ma’alin Yusuf alias “Balaki” are part of Baahi Koob Organization.

Another organization by the name of IRI which is based in Somaliland is also a lobbyist organization and will shelve a law on HIV/AID’s.

The Lower house of Somaliland parliament which has expressed its dissatisfaction of the upper house for hastily passing the law by introducing clauses that are against the Islamic tenets.

The Head of State has also signed it into law.



  1. Rubbish. Total rubbish. As I type this, all who are behind the ongoing smear campaign are being followed, cataloged, and processed by the anti-extremism branch of the Police, as destabilizing factor in the country and recipients of foreign funding from one of the Arabic countries. Including so-called “” and its “anonymous” sources. Next time, when you decide to publish paid rubbish, you will do it from Mandera jail.

  2. I knew Somaliand is primitive, but to have imams, politicians and media such as this one join hands to protect rapists and promote rape, was too much to imagine. Yet, that’s Somaliland today.

  3. So Boko Haram now has its branch in Somaliland. Hard-core, Wahhabi Islam, all “western” is wrong. That’s what happens after 30 years of unchecked direct influence from Saudi Arabia. Eat that Somaliland!

  4. The only thing controversial in this case is the origin of the money used by opponents of this law for their dirty campaign. A lot of questions to answer when police knocks on their door. Wahhabism does not belong to Somaliland!

  5. When you end up in prison for deliberately spreading false information, you will have enough time to ask yourself was it worth it. But you for sure deserve any punishment that is on its way. You, “Somaliland standard” are disgrace for journalism, and an agent of foreign power.

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, each and everyone of you have posted your comments on the site.Some were civilized while others were uncivilized.
    But all you have said is totally untrue.
    As far as journalism is concerned that we are not paid by individuals but we are trained journalists who abide by the ethics in journalism. We do not write something we make up from our minds but we dig deep into an issue that we feel it is in the interest of the public. Thank you for airing your views based on this article.


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