Opposition leader: “President Bihi is not entitled to stop Somalia & Somaliland talks”



HARGEISA– The leader of opposition Justice and Welfare Party, Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe has said that the president of Somaliland is not entitled to the stoppage of the stalled talks between Somaliland and Somalia. Mr. Faisal has stated that the dialogue was initiated by means of national consultations. The opposition leader has further added that the statement from the president in announcing the halting of the talks was totally a knee jerk decision in which the president has not thought twice. The talks which started in late 2012 was consented by the bicameral legislation in Somaliland during Silanyo’s administration. Mr. Faisal has accused the president of employing in a go alone policy and further called on him to open the doors for consultations.



  1. It is important to point out that Somaliland has not stopped the talks, but it is Somalia’s international propped weak government in Mogadishu that is not ready or sincere about these talks. It is evident that it acts to ensure that the talks do not commence by raising the tensions and creating conditions not conducive to holding them. International Community may urge the two to negotiate for convenience, but everyone knows it is impossible to negotiate with Somalia, as her politicians do not have the capacity to uphold any agreements and are not mature enough to negotiate or listen to the rights and aspirations of Somaliland people. After all, they, the Somalians who claim to be one country cannot agree on anything! All I can envisage between Somalia and Somaliland is more conflict and a decisive one. It is more interested in getting the arms embargo lifted so the Turks and the Qatar’s can irresponsibly arm her to the detriment of the Somalians when it cannot manage the ones it has.


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