Livestock Prices Rise as Eid al-Adha Approaches




MOGADISHU (ARAB24) – Prices of livestock in Somalia have increased significantly over the past few days as Eid al-Adha approaches. People believe that traders are responsible for increasing prices to compensate for the trade recession they suffered before Eid, while traders believe that the price increase came as a result of the lack of supply against increased demand.

“We are preparing here for Eid al-Adha, livestock prices are between $120 and $180 max, and there is no big difference in prices between the previous and current Eid al-Adha, the difference is only $20, first quality sheep are between $160 and $180, and the second and third quality sheep are for $120 to $150” Said Abdullahi Abdsalah, livestock merchant in Mogadishu.

Muslims around the world make feasts and sacrifices during the three day-long festive days with demands for slaughter livestocks are upswing, jumping from their usual market prices during the non-festive seasons to the peak

“I came today to buy one sheep as a sacrifice for Eid, the market is crowded and the display is as good as you can see, as well as the market, but there is a difference in prices between the last eid al-Adha and this one, the current eid is much more expensive than the last eid, today the price starts from 120 to above, while the prices were in the last eid from a 100 to 110 American dollar and so on” Said livestock shopperWarsan Abdullahi

Faiza Nour who sells sweets also make advantage to the occasion of this holiday season. Faiza Said  “I am buying sweets from here on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, God willing, sweets are available in all kinds, sweets with sesame, butter and other things, the prices are stable, there is no difference in the prices of sweets between the two eids, and there is a high demand to buy sweets, God willing” 


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