Somaliland: Hon. Abdilahi, a recently appointed ambassador was not part of Hargeisa Varsity


By: Farrah Yusuf

Staff Writer

Hargeisa Varsity Management for the first time spoke of the director of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution who was appointed to ambassadorship portfolio by Somalia president, Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo.

The naming of Hon. Abdilahi Mohamed Odowa to an ambassador post has provoked media frenzy where most media outlets in Somaliland disseminated the news.

The local media wrote that once Hon. Odawa came to know that he was appointed that he immediately left from Hargeisa and was on his way to Mogadishu, Somalia’s war torn capital by car. Hargeisa Varsity management strongly dismissed the media reports which claimed that Hon. Abdilahi was part and parcel of Hargeisa university officials.

The university argued that he was not part of the management but was the head of an institute which has established its center inside the university premises. Head of Public Relation of Hargeisa University, Hon. Mohamed Ahmed Sulub has refuted the association of Head of (IPCS) with Hargeisa University Management which the president of Somalia, Hon. Mohamed Farmajo appointed to an ambassadorial post. Mr. Mohamed, speaking on behalf of varsity management said that he headed the (IPCS) back in 2011. He revealed that Hargeisa Varsity hosts the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies but denied that it is part of the university.




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