Former Somaliland Head of State calls on Elders to protect the interest of the state

Former Somaliland President, H.E Dahir Rayale Kahin yesterday held high level meeting with traditional elders hailing from provinces in the west of the country.
The essence behind the gathering was forge unity among the populace particularly those residing in the provinces that locate in the west of Somaliland.
The focus was also to urge the attendees that they must observe tranquility which Somaliland is famous for. The grand meeting which took place at the private residential house of ex-Somaliland president urged the elders to be a vehicle for the ongoing progress and development that the country is making.
Mr. Rayale, the former SL Head of State used the occasion to thank the traditional chiefs for showing up at the meeting while they had been invited to the event.
In the first place, he encouraged that the elders must rally behind in protecting the national interest of Somaliland. He reiterated that they must throw their weight behind the interest of Awdal region in the second place.
The former SL president said that people have the right to join any political party they wish but called on that the interest of the state should be the first thing first. The Sultans from Somaliland who were in attendance pf the meeting praised the former Head of State for his elderly tips in preserving the state affairs.



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