Finance Minister Conducts Inspection on Tax Collections Points


Minister of Finance Hon. Saad Ali Shire yesterday went on an inspection tour in all tax collections centers in Marodi-Jeh region.

Addressing journalists after completion of the tour the minister confirmed that it was the ministry of finance mission to increase revenue collections.

He stated “This meeting pertains the inspection of tax collection centers. We also would like to  gauge challenges  faced by tax collectors, if any  remove them to smoothen revenue collections in Hargeisa and its environs”

The Finance minister revealed that the inspection  included evaluation  services to  tax payers by tax collectors.

He said that inspection of tax collection point offices is often done by departmental heads and Director General but the minister annually inspects and evaluates districts and regions head offices to make sure smooth running of revenue collections in the country.

The minister was accompanied by top ministry of finance officials.

The staff of some offices Hon. Saad  toured stated that the minister visit will motivate them further to increase revenue collections in the country.


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