Farmajo plans to dismiss the military court chairman


Somaliland’s President Mohmed Abdullahi Farmajo planned to dismiss the chairman of the country’s military court, who had been assigned by the PM Roble to lead the probe into murder of female spy.

This follows the reluctance of Somalia’s PM to accept President’s demands, including dropping the probe of the case.

Somalia’s PM Mohmed Husein Roble rejected the president’s appointment of a committee led by the Persecutor General to lead the probe and some of them had been picked by NISA officials wanted for the murder.

The family of the murdered female spy accused the president of obstructing justice for the murder of their daughter and called on him to refrain from stonewalling the case.

President Farmajo reached out to Hirshabelle president to pick a reliable man from Shuute’s clan that could head the country’s military court, in an attempt to stop the ongoing investigation into the murder of Ikran Tahlil.


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