Ethiopia: Tigray Council Approves Appointment Of Heads Of Bureaus



Addis Ababa, October 22, 2018  –The Tigray Regional State Council today approved the appointment of the following heads of bureaus nominated by Dr Debretsion Gebremichael, Deputy Chief Administrator of the regional state.

1. Dr Abrham Tekeste – Head of Urban Development and Industry Bureau with the rank of Deputy Chief Administrator

2. Tedros Gebregziabher –Head of Water Resource Bureau

3. Mrs Liya Kassa- Head of Communication Bureau

4. Mrs Genet Arefe- Head of Youth and Sports Bureau

5. Mrs Assefu Lilay –Head of Revenue Bureau

6. Teki’u Mitiku – Head of Security and Administration Bureau

7. Mrs Almaz Gebretsadik – Head of Construction, Road and Transport Bureau

8. Mrs Birikti Gebremedhin – Head of Culture and Tourism Bureau

9. Dr Tsega Berhane – Head of Science and Technology Bureau

Similarly, Rufael Shifare has been elected Speaker of the Council, replacing Kidusan Nega, who has served as Speaker for the past eight years.



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