Ethiopia nabbed two gunmen and will Hand over to Somaliland



The Ethiopian Federal Government nabbed two assailants that masterminded Borama Central Police Station attack on last Monday. Somaliland police which pursued the gunmen that later crossed into Ethiopia following the chase. Somaliland apprised of Ethiopian police of the assailants that sneaked into its territory. Ethiopia launched man hunt operation which led the arrest of two of the gunmen. Somaliland government yesterday demanded from the Ethiopian gov’t to immediately hand over the gunmen to its police in the border. The outlawed insurgency group is led by Sultan Wabar and claimed the responsibility of carrying out the attack in the police station. There were no casualties following the police station raid. It was last week once the gunmen loyal to Sultan Wabar opened fire to government vehicle traveling between Dilla and Borama townships. Sultan Wabar’s group also took arms during Silanyo’s administration and carried out attacks targeting government officials but later entered into agreement. Somaliland and Ethiopia share cooperation in intelligence-sharing and joint-operations, which is aimed at cracking down assailants that carry out operations in both sides should be handed over so that they will face justice.


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