Ethiopia Force Pledge to work with Somaliland Army


A delegation from Zone 5 region of Ethiopia has commended the progress made by Somaliland Armed Forces.  Speaking at an event to mark to the 28th anniversary of Somaliland Army, General Mohammed of Ethiopia welcomed the closely knit relationships of Somaliland and Ethiopia. He praised Somaliland army for protecting the country and her neighbors from excursions by enemies of peace in the region.

The General stated that Somaliland independence solely lies in the hands of the army.

The government of Djibouti delegation at the meeting confirmed that this is the first time the Djibouti government is officially initiating contact with Somaliland Army. Addressing the press at the event the Djibouti’s commissioner of police Lieutenant Colonel Abdillahi Abdi said that the Djiboutians had to share their goodwill with their Somaliland neighbors since both countries have similar characteristics.

He said that Djibouti and Somaliland have to work together to improve the security situation of the Horn of Africa region.


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