Ethiopia: Cagjar Mimics Abiy And Becomes Belligerent




If we mull over Cagjar’s government and how they tended, it’s really appalling and unfortunate. Because, his government tended intimidation, torture, abduction, imprisonment, massacre, ethnic cleansing, assassinations and genocide.

During his short period in power, plenty of Extra-judicial killings have been taken place. And most of them have been targeted the Former President’s clan. This retaliation policy leads his government into the wrong direction and becomes lack of service.

This week, Cagjar’s lame-duck and paralyzed government arrested well respected traditional elders including Ugaas Muhumed Hirsi Dhuux along with several well-known elders from Korahey region, especially Marsin, Kebridahar regions and Iskudhoonley village. The reason behind to arrest these innocent people is, they just belong the same clan of the former president of the Somali region his Excellency Abdi Mohamud Omar known as Abdi Iley. These areas were previously bemoaning lack of government’s service, and their rights have been infringed.

The other side of the coin, Cagjar abnegated getting any representation to these regions DOOLO, AFDHEER, NOGOB and SHABELLE from the Somali Democratic Party (SDP) which is ruling currently in the region in order to isolate and marginalize them. Because, he accuses that, these regions were supporting his predecessor’s government. So, if we juxtapose Abiy, the prime minister of Ethiopia who mostly tends to isolate and downgrade Tigrai people, and how currently Cagjar is behaving, they seem each other and tended same misdeed.

Cagjar arrests his Dulmi-diid Movement!

The other sickening is, Cagjar’s government arrests the leader of Dulmi-diid movement and some other officials. And he himself Cagjar, was part of this movement during the campaign against the former regime of the Somali region. The reason behind their imprisonment is, because they rebuke his government by saying your government becomes lack of service, and you your self is busy traveling around while the people are suffering. After these intrepid words Cagjar heard, he immediately ordered to arrest them without court system.

Knowingly, that this group participated to become Cagjar the president of the Somali region. These malevolent and grotesque actions from Cagjar’s government against the civilians led to shut up shop.

Additionally, this culture of ruthless leads into narcissism. So, the big question is, why Cagjar was denouncing his predecessor that, his government wasn’t listening others as longest he is doing the same, even much more than that?! Fallacy Fallacy!

Blame game, Loopholes, Scapegoating led to Leadership Fallacy!

Since Cagjar’s government took the lead, there was no perceptible and conspicuous service they delivered to the local people. They tended just to criticize their predecessor devoid of covering the need of the people. If you watch Somali region’s TV, you can see only blaming the previous administration. Regrettably, there is no infrastructural development project, no education improvement, no good electricity, no enough and clean water, and the unemployment rate in the region is getting high day after day.

Hiring ghetto and dislodging others!

When it comes to hiring new staff in the public sector or giving contracts to individuals, Cagjar’s government tended and kept offering to specific groups, mainly his sub-tribe. And this intrusive action also exacerbated the situation and leads to marginalize and trivialize the other clans in the region. The Somali region’s people were complaining already the previous regimes led by Tigray ethnic group led by Zenawi under TPLF leadership, and Amhara under patrimonial leadership, and currently Oromo’s leadership is targeting and isolating them under Abiy leadership and Cagjar’s sycophant government.

Disaster, creepy and sad! The region doesn’t need obsequious person who imitate what the federal Ethiopian government dictates, but the region desires a salt of the earth person who represent truly the needs of his people, and that person is not in power so far.

By: Anwar Abdifatah Bashir 


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