DP World lock horns with Importers



The Minister of Trade, Mohamoud Hassan Saad, said DP World is right in a dispute between the company and businesspersons who use the port.

Businesses refused to clear imported goods in protest of “a rise of fees” imposed by the company which manages the port.

The Minister said there are no new fees imposed, but the exchange of Somaliland Shillings to US Dollars has changed from 7, 000 Shilling to 10, 000 Shillings per dollar.

Currently, fees are calculated in Shillings based on 7, 000 Shillings per Dollar. The Company decided to raise it to 10, 000 Shillings.

“It is the market value,” the minister said. Therefore, the company is right because it is in a loss, he added. The businesses complain that the change will negatively affect the market and is a drastic rise.


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