Climate change adaptation workshop underway


The Director General of the Ministry of Environment and  Change, Mohamed Abdillahi Duale, opened a climate change adaptation workshop in Gabiley on Sunday held for participants of 12 districts from across the country.

The workshop that is slated for 3 days is about finalizing climate change adaptation plans.

The mayor of Gabiley Cllr. Mohamed-Amin Omar Abdi, and the Director of the Department of Environmental Sanitation and Urban Development of the Ministry of Environment Mohamed Yasin Abdirahman were present at the openning.

This workshop follows a study conducted last year by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in these 12 districts.

One of the key findings of the study was that the change in climate is real and the 12 districts earmarked were quite vulnerable.

Recurring droughts have had a great impact on the districts in the country, and that lack of water is rife and worsening. This Garan-wagu tree has a great impact on the environment with land degradation, and deforestation, being the main factors.

The DG pointed out that the ministry has prepared a plan for every district in the country to deal with the problems caused by climate change.

He urged the participants of the meeting to take advantage of the training period.

It is also hoped that the workshop will produce the draft plans that will be implemented over the next five years.


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