Civics knowledge enables developing a nation that achieves its goals, Minister of Council Relations


The Minister of National Councils’ Relations and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Mohamed Haji Adan congratulated all the employees who received the training on the Constitution and Patriotism, and explained in depth the prominent role that the ministry took in promoting the constitution in the country while stressing that the employees the government benefited from the training and facilitated interaction and familiarization between them.

He was speaking at a mass graduation of thousand of civil service employees who underwent a course in civics.

The minister said that three thousand, three hundred and seventy-six civil servants have completed the constitutional and patriotism training that was conducted by the constitutional and patriotism training center of the Ministry of Council Relations.

He said that since 2018, the ministry has been engaged in its duty of conveying and teaching the constitution and its related regulations and patriotism of the Somaliland community.

In the regions and districts of the country, dissemination meetings were held to inform the society about the constitution and patriotism, which were imparted to them by legal experts and knowledgeable activists, he said.

The ministry also conducted trainings related to the constitution and patriotism for all the members of the local councils and the parliamentarians.

The Ministry of Public Relations had started teaching the constitution to the society from the bottom of the education so that the next generations will come out with grasp knowledge of the constitution and patriotism.

He said, “For three years, the curriculum has been taught for patriotism in schools hand the middle and upper classes of the country”.

He underscored the fact, “The importance that the President has given to the special ministry in the constitution has led to the participation of the entire nation in its implementation”.

He said that the expected end results of the workers and all those trained in the constitution and patriotism will be a knowledgeable and progressive nation that achieves its goals.

“Learning the constitution and patriotism will result in a progressive nation that achieves its goals”, he said.

In essence civics entails the theoretical, political and practical aspects of citizens, as well as its obligatory rights and duties. It includes the study of civil law, codes and regulations and associated patriotism.


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