Chief Justice concludes 37 judges for training with litigation and judicial conduct


The Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Somaliland Justice Aden Haji Ali Ahmed has concluded training on litigation and judicial conduct for members of the country’s judiciary.

Accompanied by Marodi-jeh Regional Court of Appeal Chairman Ali Sudi Diriye, Adan outlined on the training conclusion for 37 judges at the Marodi-jeex, Gabiley and Hawd Regional Courts; the training is based on the due process of law, the ethics required of the judge and the important procedures that judges must pay attention to.

The judges who attended the training had the opportunity to present their concerns and exchange a wide range of knowledge and experience, while benefiting from the training provided by the experts, who prepared various lessons as a pillar of the judiciary.

The training focused on Islamic jurisprudence and the Code of Civil and Criminal procedures, and experts shared with judges many issues that are central to the proceedings and the transparency of the judge’s work.

The chairman of the Marodi-jeh Regional Court of Appeal, Ali Sudi Diriye, who was one of the instructors who guided the training, advised the judges to apply their duties with the lessons learned.

Chief Justice Dr. Aden Haji Ali Ahmed, who concluded the training for the members of the judiciary, emphasized the importance of training and how the judge should use their spare time to gain knowledge. He urged them to pass knowledge they gained pass it on to members who do not have access to training.

The Chief Justice stated that they will continue holding with the training and workshops so that judges can benefit from each other and gain more experience, and underlined that they will enhance the training provided in the regions and districts in the country with a focus on topics that are considered important.

At the end of the training, the chairman presented certificates to the judges attended during the six-day training, and urged them to further fulfill their responsibilities to the community.


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