Anti Somaliland ceremony held in Lasanod


LASANOD— Supporters of newly appointed minister in charge for fisheries for Somali Federal Government (SFG) held ceremony in Lasanod yesterday which was organized to throw their weight behind his ministerial portfolio. The mission behind the function was to bid a farewell to the outgoing minister who was sacked from his post and to welcome the new minister who replaced him and is about to assume the cabinet post. Traditional leaders, elders, women, youth and members of the civil society attended the ceremony although it is too early to judge if Lasanod authority knew the ceremony and gave the green light to hold it.

The organizers were said to be next kin of the newly nominated minister for the fisheries, Hon. Abdilahi Bidhan Warsame and prayed for him that he will executive his duties effectively. The event which was held in Lasanod and which was mean to show solidarity to the incoming Somalia minister for fisheries has been widely covered by local television channels in Lasanod, Sool’s capital.

An elder who made a speech at the ceremony said that we were here to bid a farewell to the former minister for fisheries and welcome his successor. The elder further stated that the reason for putting a weight behind the minister is that the SFG is our government. An other traditional chief said that the mission behind this function is to receive the incoming minister and say good bye to the outgoing minister whose tenure ended.

The venue where the ceremony was held was hung of the photo of Somali President, Farmajo, the minister who is recently named and the one who was dismissed. The elders cited that Somalia still consists of 18 provinces and further revealed that they have to show a high sense of support to ministers hailing from Sool, Sanaag and Cayn, (SSC).

This is the first time ever in the history of Somaliland where the photo of Somali president was hung in the wall of the venue and held a function that is anti Somaliland. It was the duty of law enforcement agencies in Lasanod to do the right thing and to stop such ceremonies to transpire in Sool region which is thought to undermine Somaliland’s aspirations. President Bihi relieved from all duties the former Sool commissioner who arrested a football team who held a tournament dubbed Farmajo and reporters who covered the competition.





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