Amb. Bashir says “US interests in Somaliland existed long time ago.”


The absence of women at national political arena, can’t be blamed to government alone 

Amb Bashir Omar Good, Somaliland envoy to the US, says that American interests in Somaliland pre-existed but are now becoming stronger, thanks to the country’s strategically geographical position.

“During last three years at Somaliland US office, we have worked extensively with US government and political institutions, such as universities and democratization institutes”, he notes.

Amb Good stated that in the context of the crisis in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland has become the only country in the Horn of Africa that has peace, stability and democracy. The United States is currently embroiled in a new Cold War with China, and Somaliland is the only country in the Horn of Africa where China has no economic or political influence hence has partnership with Taiwan, which the United States is interested in to have extensive relation with the world, a step China is against.

In an interview last week HCTV had with Amb Good, his response on views about women in politics, he said, “I am a strong supporter of women’s participation in politics, and the role of women in the country’s politics is lacking. It is not the fault of the government alone, the absence of women in politics, even if the government tries as it has in the past proposed the quota law, the society opposes”.

Whether Somaliland journalist has a convenient environment vis-à-vis their counterparts in neighboring countries, he said that he believes that freedom of speech in Somaliland was evident, though its challenges were with quagmires elsewhere in the world.

Ambassador Good speaking on the media law questioned as to why it has been before parliament for a long time, hence urged for its swift approval and by thus make it easier for journalists and security agencies in Somaliland to avoid further conflict.

He suggested that Barwaqo university teaching efforts should not be politicized.

“It has provided international standardized education similar to US schooling to our students, and facilitated many graduated here to get scholarship to most prestigious US colleges”, he quipped.


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