Upper House of parliament speaker returns to Somaliland


HARGEISA– The speaker of Upper House of Somaliland’s bicameral legislation, Hon. Suleiman Mohamud Aden returns home today after wrapping up two months long vacation in the UK.

The return of House of elders speaker coincides during strained working relation between the houses of Somaliland’s bicameral legislation.

The row broke out between the houses once the house of assembly hastily passed a bill of Rape which they amended and the house of elders pointed a finger to the house of assembly for passing a bill that was included terms that were against the Islamic religion.

The Bill which the Head of State recently passed into a Law has sparked an outcry of outspoken MP’s in the Upper House of the parliament calling on the representative to cancel the Bill before putting into operation.

The bone of contention that the House of elders have cried foul is the way that the two houses deal in passing and amending bills and submitting to the president for ratification.

The House of Elders MP’s have argued the House of representatives that they have breached the working relations between the tow bicameral legislation. They said that they will contemplate on having working relations with the Lower House of assembly. The row is still going on between the two legislation and it is not known once they will end the row.



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