UCID party urges the president to immediately dissolve local councils in Somaliland



The Justice and Welfare party-UCID in Somaliland, on Sunday, has urged the incumbent president to immediately dissolve the local councils in Somaliland. The political party has made the remarks in an open letter addressed to Somaliland Head of State, Musa Bihi Abdi.

UCID chair, Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe signed the official letter, stating that the local councils have failed to do their duties. The party said in the statement that endorsing gov decision won’t mean that we the Justice party is satisfied with how things are going on. UCID has reminded the sitting president that the term in office of the local councils is over and there has no term extension for them. It is also said that the local councils have failed to provide basic services to the people who voted for them, and the major cities including the capital is faced by lack of hygiene, roads and tap water.


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